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Val di Fumo
With its Dolomite peaks and trails among forests and streams, Val di Fumo is the perfect destination for nature lovers and hiking. Reached via a semi-flat road, it is an walk that is also ideal for families with children.

From the parking lot begins the road that runs along the Bissina Dam and finally reaches a valley crossed by the Chiese River in which there is the cozy Rifugio Val di Fumo is also located. In the background, the Carè Alto mountain offers a breathtaking view with its its grandeur.
Forti di guerra
The War Forts in Trentino represent historical evidence of the defensive strategy adopted during World War I. The main ones include Fort Corno, in the municipality of Praso, and Fort Larino, in the municipality of Lardaro.

Both following renovations have been opened to the public with the possibility of participating in guided tours. For sports enthusiasts, a path surrounded by nature connects the two forts.
Rio Caino
The Rio Caino ethnographic trail is one of the most evocative places in the entire Valle del Chiese: walking along it means learning about the history of the people who lived here in the past and discovering the genius and hard work of ancient arts and crafts now extinct.

The trail, which can be walked in about 3 hours, begins at the height of the village of Cimego, along the Caffaro State Highway. After crossing the Chiese River thanks to an exciting “Tibetan-style” suspension bridge, you will immediately have a chance to admire old buildings and immerse yourself in the experience.
Breg Adventure Park
Breg Adventure Park, located in the Breguzzo Valley, offers a wide range of activities suitable for all ages and skill levels. Among the main attractions are acrobatic courses suspended in the trees. Thanks to the presence of picnic areas and green spaces, it is possible to combine adventure with relaxation or walks in the woods where you can relax and enjoy the surrounding scenery.
Lake Garda
In its part of Trentino territory, Italy’s largest lake boasts breathtaking scenery, enchanting beaches, water sports and scenic trails. On its northern shores lies the town of Riva del Garda with its quaint lakeside cafes and crystal-clear waters. It is a place for everyone to spend a relaxing day, to take advantage of the summer heat and swim in the lake’s waters, or to stroll nearby.
Lake Tenno
Lake Tenno is a magical place that enchants and captivates with its natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere. It is an oasis of peace and tranquility that creates an unparalleled visual spectacle thanks to its waters that fade from turquoise to emerald.

The lake is surrounded by small pebble beaches, and thanks to paths, it is possible to walk along its entire perimeter, which is about 3.4km long. The walk is easy, with little elevation gain, and is recommended for both adults and children.
San Giuliano and Garzonè Lakes
The lakes of San Giuliano and Garzonè are located about 1940 m above sea level above the municipality of Caderzone Terme. This medium-difficulty hike on trails crosses forests, meadows and passes right between the two lakes, offering panoramic views of Adamello and Presanella.


The Pinzolo bio-lake is the result of an innovative engineering project that combines technology and the environment. Thanks to recirculation and purification systems, the water is warmer than naturally occurring lakes and is always clean to ensure a better experience.
Flower cycleway
Stretching for more than 50km, the Flower Cycleway is the bike path that from Carisolo (Val Rendena) reaches Lake Idro (Val del Chiese), allowing anyone to observe the magnificent mountain landscapes and many among the Giudicarie villages.

The road has significant gradients and shared stretches with the passage of some cars. However, it is possible to take advantage of a Bicibus service for those who are interested in riding only certain sections of the route and avoiding the more difficult sections.
Fishing Alto Sarca e Chiese
Open from the end of February to the end of October, the fishing season in the waters of the Sarca and Chiese rivers welcomes enthusiasts with its 35 alpine lakes and about 500km of waters. There are Webcams in the area to consult water conditions in real time. Purchasing a permit is simple: just log on to the Trentino Fishing website