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The warmth of welcome
during your well-deserved
mountain vacation

If you are looking for the feeling of having all the time you want for yourself, if you are looking for silence and the scent of nature, if you want to immerse yourself in the breathtaking natural landscape of the Brenta Dolomites, you have reached your destination, at Hotel La Baita in Madonna di Campiglio you will experience your ideal vacation.

Welcome to our 3-star hotel in Madonna di Campiglio where the friendly and welcoming family atmosphere will give you moments of relaxation and numerous leisure proposals. In our hotel you will spend a unique mountain vacation, an experience to be lived with all the senses and ideal for recharging your batteries!


The story of a family
born for hospitality
In 1965 Arnaldo Serafini purchased from the Madonna di Campiglio Mountain Guides. Baita, which until the summer of 1969 was run by Arnaldo, Annalise and grandparents Tullio and Bianca. On September 1, 1969, after the grandfather's death it is leased to Elio Fedrizzi for about ten years. In the meantime, Arnaldo and Annalise take over the management of Rif. Stoppani at Grostè and at the end of the 1970s work began on the Baita, which went from being the Alpine Guides' headquarters to a bar and became a hotel.

December 20, 1984 the inauguration!

For more than thirty years we have been carrying on this activity with passion and dedication, handing down from generation to generation what is for us the hospitality of Trentino. In the fall of 2014 the hotel's bar was renovated and was named “El Volt dela Baita”, from the following winter season El Volt was opened to the public becoming a meeting point, where you can spend time in company tasting products of our land. In the spring of 2015 the lobby and dining room are also renovated along the same lines as the bar, also in the same period three new rooms are created to meet the needs of our guests.


All rooms totally guarantee your privacy and can be reached comfortably by elevator. In the morning, we are waiting for you to recharge your batteries with our hearty breakfast.
Our rooms

La Baita Hotel

Truly a small chalet, open the curtains and be able to admire the Brenta group, in winter see the snowcat at work on the slopes of the 5Laghi, pampered by the colors and furnishings of this corner created with the intention of making you feel good.

La Baita Hotel

With these rooms we thought of families, their needs, to create a space for them where they can feel the air of home. Furniture and colors create a simple atmosphere with attention to detail.

La Baita Hotel

All rooms totally guarantee your privacy and can be conveniently reached by elevator.

Make a sustainable choice. Reduce the number of vehicles you use to reach the hotel or use public transportation!

Make a sustainable choice. Reduce the number of vehicles you use to reach the hotel or use public transportation!